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08/06 - 28/06/2015

Meg Stuart / Damadged Goods
GalleryMeg Stuart / Damadged Goods "Built to Last", photo Julian Roder

House on Fire (HoF) is a five-year partnership between ten European cultural institutions comprising theatres and theatre festivals. The partners, apart from Malta Festival Poznań, include: Koproduktionshaus Wien GmbH (Austria), London International Festival of Theatre (UK), Théâtre Garonne (France), Vzw Kaaitheater (Belgium), Divadlo Archa o.p.s. (Czech Republic) and Hebbel-Theater Berlin GmbH (Germany).

House on Fire’s main objective is to support artists who, through their art, contribute to public debate on current social, cultural and economic issues that are of concern to European communities. Within the network of House on Fire members it is expected that 50 international creations will be produced, each one to be presented by various co-organisers, totalling well over 350 presentations. House on Fire’s great strength is the capacity to ensure the mobility of the events.

Moreover, House on Fire will organise 10 thematic programmes in 10 European countries. Multidisciplinary and international in nature, these events will provide yet another contact platform for theatre directors, choreographers, writers, visual artists, philosophers, academics, critics, politicians and culture managers from all over Europe.

House on Fire has secured EU funding for five years in the Culture Programme, lasting from 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2017. Regarding Malta Festival Poznań the first shows resulting from collaboration between artists involved in HoF will be presented in 2013.