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08/06 - 28/06/2015


Why “Malta” doesn’t age? Because for 23 years it has been changing constantly. At present, it is the biggest interdisciplinary festival of performing arts in Poland, comprising theatre, music, dance, film and visual arts.

Malta Festival Poznań – always anew (Newsweek), 17.04.2013

Malta is a multi-faceted event enabling diverse forms of contact between artists and audience. It is the festival of many media, during which everyone – even someone who is not surrounded by culture on a daily basis – can find something for themselves.

Oh man! Festival! Piotr Dobrowolski (Czas Kultury), 21.06.2013

Can you imagine Cannes without the film festival or Poznań without Malta festival? Well-known events become embedded in the identity of places like sights, turning into their landmarks. They evoke positive associations, attract tourists and trigger local businesses.

Anna Gogacz (Brief), 19.06.2013

I am at Malta for the second time. A few years ago we performed here with Łaźnia and this year I came out of curiosity and bought the festival pass, inspired by Malta’s acceleration. It had a moment of standstill, but now is seems a very important festival. We all talk about it in our circle.

Bartosz Szydłowski, director of Boska Komedia festival (Malta TV)

I am at Malta for the fifth time. For me it is always a great opening of holiday season. I have never been disappointed. I think it’s the best festival.

student from Cracow (Malta TV)

(...) One thing is certain – many spectators will remember this year’s Malta for a long time, thanks to, among other things, the wide access to broadly-defined experience, which is so important to the festival’s curator Romeo Castellucci. The slogan “Man/machine” fuelled the fears of us all for almost a month. But, due to the broad context of events, it also gave hope that typically human relationships can survive in everyday life.

Malta Festival, or provocation in the city centre, Monika Przespolewska (Gazeta Wyborcza), 20.7.2013

(...)Excellent “The Four Seasons Restaurant” by Societas Raffaello Sanzio restores hope as well. Romeo Castellucci made a show about the secret of existence – clear in its form, erudite and, at the same time, simple in its message.

Theatre of a worker and robot, Jacek Cieślak (Rzeczpospolita), 28.06.2013

Marta Górnicka wrote the libretto, composed the music and directs the choir of 23 women. They sing a cappella, shout, dance rhythmically and, in this way, express the position of women in society. It was a dazzling performance. She and her group deserve to participate in all festivals of the world.

Guido Lauwaert (Knack Focus, Belgium)

Here [Plac Wolności] the tissue of a truly civic society is being built, which grows out of cooking, baking bread and dancing together.

Theatre of a worker and robot, Jacek Cieślak (Rzeczpospolita), 28.06.2013

Generator Malta at Plac Wolności is the festival’s another face. Art is here right at your fingertips, it is art for everyone, which doesn’t mean that it has no artistic ambitions or is less engaged.

Malta’s two faces: serious and light-hearted, Stefan Drajewski (Głos Wielkopolski), 29.06.2013

Malta Generator, you rose higher than any challenge! Come back! With increased strength and resources. And those absent, join us next time – it is really worth it!

Justyna Pers (Facebook)


The electronic music of men-robots and excellent visualisations won over the audience. (...) Probably no one left Gazownia dissatisfied. It was a huge artistic event.

Men-machines enchanted Poznań. Tomasz Janas (Gazeta Wyborcza), 30.06.2012

Mastered to perfection, the audiovisual show of the German geniuses of electronic music begun with “The Robots” and continued for the next two hours. During the two hours, the audience lost touch with the real world and moved to virtual, augmented reality.

Kraftwerk in Poznań: Perfect essence of German robots’ output, Kamil Babacz (Głos Wielkopolski), 29.06.2013

(...) today the famous German laboratory of sounds and images is watched with equal pleasure as “Space Odyssey” or “Blade Runner”.

Kraftwerk, Michał Weicher (Screenagers)

I have been waiting for Kraftwerk’s next concert. I knew I would go to another city, but I never expected that Kraftwerk would come to me!

Ojciec Fernando (Facebook)

Great audience, I haven’t heard such applause for a long time. Brilliant concert!

Łukasz Urynowicz (Facebook)

The American [Meg Stewart] sends the actor-dancer into “mission impossible” on purpose. She knows that return to the land of magic cannot be successful. Despite that, she sets off on a journey though an artistic utopia. She creates a music chronicle from Beethoven to Rachmaninoff and Schönberg, interweaving it with the composers’ words. Together with the dancers, she plays with the situation, contrasts the plain body that is stripped of spectacular poses with moving, solemn music.

Cut-off tongues, invasion of mushrooms and techno-trans, Witold Mrozek (Gazeta Wyborcza), 11.07.2013