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08/06 - 28/06/2015

The hallway of Olga Sławska-Lipczyńska Ballet School at 8 Gołębia Street in Poznań leads into a beautiful arcaded courtyard where decorative stairs climb up to a loggia (which used to be open to the courtyard) of the first storey. The unique atmosphere of the arcaded courtyard of the ballet school entices to attend film screenings, taking place during Malta Festival Poznań on summer evenings. Many times, the audience of Malta Festival had a chance sit on deckchairs in silence and enjoy the encounter with original cinema. The screenings of films by such directors as Kornél Mundruczó, Werner Herzog or Xavier Dolan took place there. The viewers had two occasions to watch the recording of works of an outstanding artist, Gisele Vienne, entitled Showroomdummies and Eternelle Idole. The courtyard has always been gathering crowds of people during the festival, not only because admission is free, but predominantly because of the well-thought-out and captivating repertoire.

This year, the courtyard’s unique architecture will enable you to give in to the magic of cinema of such directors as Hilton Lacerda, Glauber Rocha, Alejandro Landes, Alejandra Sánchez Orozco & José Antonio Cordero, Charly Braun, Lisandro Alonso, Maurizio Lazaratto, Angela Melitopoulos, Laymert Santos, Heddy Honigmann, Eugenio Polgovsky.