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08/06 - 28/06/2015

Jeżyce is a dynamic district vibrant with positive energy. Although our last year’s efforts did not result in creating a garden as such, they led to the formation of a group of friends who still today take initiatives supporting the idea of a green city. In the place where they meet a symbolic table by Maciej Kurak was placed. This year again many ideas appeared how to liven up the neighbourhood and so our actions are two-way. Apart from positive urban interventions and adapting the space (for instance, a mobile garden as a platform for meetings and education or Kiosk in motion), an important place on the map of Jeżyce will be the szm21/studio, gathering children and residents, passers-by and animators located at Szamarzewskiego 21 Street in a tenement house that people have steered clear of until now. One of the first actions of the studio that was initiated by children together with Agnieszka Chlebowska and Robert Ogurkis in partnership with Generator Malta was the restoration of a deserted kiosk at the junction of Jackowskiego and Wawrzyniaka Street. The idea to return to the neighbourhood the neglected place met with an enthusiastic response of the residents and additional ideas for its development were put forward. The first integration action was a one-day cafe organized in the kiosk and classes in laughter yoga. The kiosk is created in a process – the process of integrating the inhabitants, discovering their needs and bringing to life a self-organized, creative, mixed-age group which shares a wish to have influence on the surrounding reality.

Co-creators: Jeżyce residents, szm21/studio, Inner Art Association