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08/06 - 28/06/2015

The Łazarz Garden is coming to life once again. The residents are gradually getting used to it and asking what’s next. This year we also cooperate with the Krąg Community Club which organized the celebration of the first day of spring in the garden. There were many concepts for the development of the garden. In its part allocated to vegetation, we are reintroducing, with the invaluable support of the Kasztelania Ostrowska Association, some wild plant species which disappeared from the city landscape due to urbanisation. Together with Szczep Łazarz and the residents we have already planted false lily of the valley, woodrush, melic grass, wood anemone and other forest plants. We also planted potato which was brought to Europe as an ornamental plant. Now we are waiting for them to bloom!

The garden’s cultural part looks like it is going to be very vivid. To be able to feast together we are constructing garden furniture with euro-pallets and neglected park benches, enjoying the professional support of School of Form students. One of the residents made a swing, which is now hanging on a garden tree, using planks he found in the attic. We are also planning to build a bookcase holding a collection of old newspapers. During workshops about future developments, facilitated by the group Komitywa z Łazarza, the residents designed together a layout of the garden fitting all of the ideas. They are also dreaming about an outdoor cinema, picnics, physical activity workshops, shows, a cake festival and afternoon dances for senior citizens. We would also like to invite a special guest to the garden. The bar has been set high: last year the inhabitants met Agnieszka Holland.

Co-creators: Łazarz inhabitants, Krąg Community Club, Kasztelania Ostrowska Association, School of Form, Szczep Łazarz, Komitywa, “Horyzonty” Youth Initiatives Centre, Raczej Gallery, Kąpielisko Collective

Partners: Agroteam, Villmorin, Aquanet, Urban Greenery Board, BHU S.A., San-Eko