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08/06 - 28/06/2015

Together with local residents we are re-generating the Wilda Garden already second year in a row. Several years ago the place was occupied by a tenement house. Today, only memories and marks on the walls of two adjacent buildings are left of it. For a long time, the area was covered in a pile of rubbish and this is why the need for change was enormous. The inhabitants of the nearby tenement houses along with Generator Malta and Wildzianie Association, which gathers activists from the district, have been active from the beginning of the season. We started with cleaning, digging over the ground and sowing grass seeds. Afterwards, we held workshops about future developments during which plans for the upcoming weeks were made and, above all, the Mediterranean vision of the garden came into being. Even in our harsh climate Southern atmosphere can be created. All you need are the right plants and the help of crazy botanists from Kasztelania Ostrowska.

The inhabitants’ great involvement makes the vision more complete week after week. Children from a nearby school collected over 100 kg of waste-paper to exchange it for plants. We planted junipers and cypress trees, dug over 6 tons of soil in order to bask on a sunny hill hidden at the back of the garden, we acquired old city benches which we adapted together. City gardeners thought about everything. The garden has a nook for children and a common flowerbed to be planted with herbs. Garden irrigation was a substantial challenge. Before we received large water cans, the ladies living in the area watered the plants with care. We dream about a regular cinema in the garden, concerts, Antykukułka’s Polish language club and conscious dog owners who respect our garden life.

Co-creators: Wilda residents, “Wildzianie” Wilda Local Initiative Association, Kasztelania Ostrowska Association, Wilda Community Council, School of Form

Partners: Agroteam, Villmorin, Aquanet, Urban Greenery Board, BHU S.A., San-Eko