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08/06 - 28/06/2015

SZM21/STUDIO was created as part of the programme “1:1 Master and Student” of the Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”. The programme was founded on a creative relationship between a master and a student, with the latter drawing on the experience of the mentor when preparing the concept for his/her activities. Agnieszka Chlebowska – a local community animator, director of theatrical actions and Jeżyce resident received co-funding for her work and, above all, the support of Bożena Szroeder, cofounder of the Borderland Centre. Agnieszka started to work in the Jeżyce district and decided to take up the issue of neighbourhood relations and places that are intriguing, difficult or different. Searching for a specific location, she found herself in one of the most intriguing tenement houses in Jeżyce, with no gate but with a notice above the entrance: “What the fuck are you looking at”. A plethora of stories, myths, journalists’ and criminal reports circulate about the house. The youngest residents were the first to introduce us to the location. With the help of Robert Ogurkis, the studio’s co-creator, a basement, which used to house a photographer’s shop, once famous for the longest queues to a photographer in Poznań, was refurbished. It became a stronghold of creativity, a meeting place and a place of action. It is co-created by the children from Jeżyce, its residents, artists and Generator Malta; together we are refurbishing the kiosk and gaining the experience in restoring places to the district. Dzielnico [O District] as a name of the project is also a spontaneous call to the inhabitants inviting them to meet and not to avoid places which were once erased. The studio is supported by Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa which enabled it to continue its works in the tenement house.

partners: Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”, Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa, Borderland of Arts, Cultures, Nations Centre, Baśnie Właśnie, Advertising Agnecy jw.pl, Republika Rytmu - entertainment music school