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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Maciej Zakrzewski / meeting with ANNE TERESA DE KEERSMAEKER
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski / meeting with ANNE TERESA DE KEERSMAEKER

In Saturday's program, Malta Festival Poznań could drown in ethno climate. From the exchange of ethno sounds to the silent disco with one channel run by Tadeusz Maszewskiego (Ethnoport). A slightly different climate presented during the concert Ghost Capsules, Viennese string quartet that is creating a disturbing music. An important event for fans of dance was a performance Fase outstanding choreographer Anne Terese de Keersmaker. On the sixth day of the festival Max Cegielski again led the debate, which dealt with important issues relating to sports events. Debate CHAMPIONSHIP CITY - WHO PROFITS, WHO LOSES an attempt to answer the question where in sports events are actually residents. From the series Greater Revolutions in the play Better not go there Michael Borczuk, young actors took on the various monsters - crazy, strange, beautiful, and sometimes frightening - rolling symbolic struggle between good and evil.