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08/06 - 28/06/2015


The Nostalgia Festival Poznań is a musical project which had its first edition in 2007, and has to date, attracted a wide group of followers. The festival’s main goal is to present to the Polish audience a contemporary circle of sensitive artists, most of whom are associated with ECM Records. Their music reaches to their national roots, for instance in Armenia, Estonia or Ukraine, and smoothly merges these with contemporary motifs to create a new world-class quality.

What distinguishes the Nostalgia Festival Poznań from many other events based on similar programmes is a distinct axis around which the Nostalgia programme is built. This specific axis is made up of the invited artists’ ability to turn to their national roots. During the subsequent Nostalgia Festivals, works by composers from Armenia, Estonia, Ukraine and Italy, performed by some of the brightest stars of contemporary chamber music from across Europe, have been smoothly merged with the sounds of classical pieces by composers of the past, and with modern interpretations. To date, the artists we have invited to create our programme axis have included Tigran Mansurian, Kim Kashkashian, and Eleni Karaindrou in 2007; Valentin Silvestrov, The Hilliard Ensemble, Holger Lampson, Alan Newcombe and Bogdan Pivnenko in 2009; The Hilliard Ensemble in 2010; Helena Tulve, Erkki-Sven Tuur, Urmas Sisask, and Marcin Masecki in 2011; Marcin Masecki, Piotr Orzechowski, and The Gurdijeff Folk Instruments Ensamble in 2012; Anja Lechner, Dino Saluzzi, the Tarkovsky Quartet, François Couturier, and the l’Autunno Chamber Orchestra in 2013; and Elliott Carter, Tigran Mansurian, Maciej Grzybowski, the NeoQuartet, and the l’Autunno Chamber Orchestra in 2014.

The high standard of the festival is guaranteed by one of the world’s major art music labels, ECM Records. Working with this label makes it possible to host some of the worlds most exceptional musicians in Poznań, and what is more, it ensures the festival’s renown. ECM Records has described the Nostalgia Festival as an unprecedented event, and this has been confirmed by Manfred Eicher with the recording of two pieces which had their Polish premiere at the festival in 2007 on one of ECM’s latest releases.

The Nostalgia Festival Poznań is a creative evoking of memory, legacy and art. It is also the creation of art, legacy and that which is worth remembering.

The programme of Nostalgia Festival Poznań 2014 is based on an intercultural dialogue between the compositions of two masters: Tigran Mansurian – an Armenian celebrating his 75th birthday this year and Elliot Carter – an American who died in 2012 at the age of 103. The festival, which is planned this year from 23-25 October, has presented music whose roots lie in different nations, cultures and traditions for seven years.