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08/06 - 28/06/2015


In this year children will take special place in Malta Festival Poznań. From 9 to 29 June we invite them to activities and follow the trail of their civic imagination. We will be in places that little citizens are well aware, in their neighborhoods, but also in Freedom Square, where you will beat the heart of the festival.

To children allow 

WORKSHOP: PEDESTAL WHATEVER CHILDISH 14.06, 17.06, 21.06 (7-12 years old) 

WORKSHOPS: WE CALL STREETS 14.06, 20.06, 21.06 (9-14 years old) 

WORKSHOP: FUN IS SERIOUS BUSINESS 23-25.06 (7-14 years old)

PROGRAMFOR KIDSGENERATOR MALTA INVISIBLE HAND CLUB, workshpos for children 16-22.06 (7-14 years old) 

LET'S WRITE OUR CONSTITUTION! 16.06 (13-16 years old) 

All children love to dance. During SILENT DISCO for children the floor belongs to them! (21.06).


Referring to the leading theme of this year's Malta, namely Latin America: Mestizoz, invite the children to play on a large-scale map of Latin America!

During the workshop anthropological ME, YOU, NATION (11.06, 18.06, 25.06 - 6-14 years old) we look for a new face of Latin America! 

During the workshops conducted by the SARP architectural Poznan (19.06, 26.06, 28.06 - 6-12 years old) children turn into designer sports architecture. 

In the Sunday performances for children, a small craft shop is open from 9 to 29 June at the Freedom Square and events within the framework of Art Looking for the Kids.

Our trademark is to be open, so we invite all the children on a free workshop specially prepared for them. Note! At selected events for children are valid free records: zapisy@malta-festival.pl