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08/06 - 28/06/2015


For the last month your support was particularly strong. Today the results of Gazeta Wyborcza’s poll on the event of the past 25 years in Poznań were made public. We are happy to announce that, thanks to your votes, Malta Festival Poznań ranked fifth. Our warm congratulations go to the first three winners: the motorway to Berlin and Warsaw, the opening of the Pestka tram line and building of the Old Brewery as well as to the other nominated events.

The high rank is all the more pleasing because the first four positions were taken by huge infrastructural investments and Malta Festival Poznań was the only cultural project among the twenty nominated events. For the past 24 years the festival has been growing steadily into the tissue of the city, responding to the changes in the present-day reality of Poznań, Poland and Europe. Malta is a living organism (almost of the same age as free Poland) with a consistently developed artistic programme, which from the very beginning was to fulfil one main objective – to understand the modern world through art.