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08/06 - 28/06/2015

It was with great satisfaction that we read on the website of Poznań City Hall that Malta Festival Poznań received the highest number of points in a city bidding contest for cultural events. It is yet another time when our commitment, professionalism and need for continuous development have been highly evaluated by independent culture experts. Last year Malta Festival Poznań ranked first in the contest of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, just like our second project, Nostalgia Festival Poznań, which collected the highest number of points in the contest of Poznań City Hall.

We are glad that due to such high ranks we can spread our wings and organize next, as we hope better and better, editions of Malta Festival Poznań (in 2015 we will celebrate our 25th anniversary!). We would like to invite you right now to create with us a festival of culture in Poznań. We promise that once again Plac Wolności will liven up for almost a month, once again we will be hosting the most outstanding performing artists from all around the world and once again Malta’s city gardens will bloom. There will also be many unexpected events, because we still like to surprise you.

See you at Malta Festival Poznań 2014, this year sooner, from 9 to 29 June, before you go on holiday!