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08/06 - 28/06/2015


We chose five Maltese Sunday events, which you can not miss.

10:00 - a lazy breakfast at Liberty

12:00 i 12:30 - abide with children in the square - two performances for children: Dragons and The Adventures of Momo.

14:45 - Brass Band Volunteer Fire Department in Słupca under the leadership of the Maltese renowned Martin Masecki.

16:00 last chance to see the important spectacle Edit Kaldor WOE talking about being used.

18:00 projection Rosas danst Rosas Thierry De Mey, is adaptation of the play's most famous Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. About 8:00 pm Drumming - a performance that is one of the most fascinating choreography by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker - "written" by Steve Reich to the song of the same title.

20:00 - At 8:00 pm starts special 12-hour performas Magdalene Starska. It will invite the residents of Poznan, guests and spectators Malta to spend the night in the square.

For those who live mention the view from the terrace of the famous Poznan Okrąglak, we dedicate a special photo gallery of Friday's "Wniebogłosy" from the top of the building.