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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Sérgio Caddah
Galleryphoto Sérgio Caddah

We would like to present six events from the programme of the Idiom Latin America: Mestizos and encourage you to plan your Malta already today. Tickets to the events of Malta Festival Poznań at a price of 15 zloty are already available at www.malta-festival.pl. We have three last festival passes left!

Latin America is a continent of contrasts: from radical leftist movements in 1970s to rightist dictatorships in 1980s, from extreme poverty to economic power, from carnival and the costly World Cup to the mundane reality in favelas without electricity, water or means of support. These are the roots of the Idiom creators – critical of the world, translating their social sensitivity and distinct political opinions into powerful aesthetics that engages spectators. The events of this year’s Idiom create a lively, subjective panorama of Latin America as seen by contemporary artists, most of whom will visit Poland for the first time.


De repenteficatudopreto de gente [Suddenly everything is black with people] is a commentary of MARCELO EVELIN, a Brazilian choreographer, on the position of people suffering from social exclusion. With the bodies of blacks, gay, immigrants; bodies that have nothing to lose or gain in life, he creates a show in which actors become an unsettling mass, resembling a primeval tribe or an odd, dark organism.

The situation of millions of people of different ethnic descent who live in present-day Mexico, often with no roof over their heads, uncertain, day after day without any prospects will become the subject of Tania Salomonoff’s performance. Madera [Wood] from the title is a pile of planks collected on the streets of Mexico, whose consecutive layers will be uncovered by the artist during the show.

Towards the system

The body of the performer AMAPOLA PRADA will symbolize the Peruvian dictatorship. In her La Revolución the actress will step on stage in a grey school uniform that her generation used to wear for the 12 years of school education. In the background we will hear the Peruvian march – music accompanying processions organized on the Peru National Day. Every year all students in Peru took part in the celebrations.

Orgy of possession

In Poznań’s Stara Rzeźnia tens of performers – volunteers and professionals – will create in 20 scenes and situations a world exposing the comic and tragic nature of our “relationship” with objects. In Under de si LUIS GARAY and DIEGO BIANCHI will invite the spectators to an odd, familiar and, at the same time, unknown museum.

The topic of subjecting life to excessive and uncontrollable consumption will return in RODRIGO GARCÍA’s show. In this intense theatre show, abundant in references to pop culture, actors on a pile of hamburger rolls will eat the last supper of the present times as if they were in a regular fast-food restaurant. In Golgota Picnic the Argentinian artist, who’s the Idiom curator at the same time, presents a pessimistic diagnosis of reality. He reveals our – the inhabitants of the post-capitalist world – hypocrisy.

A previous text by García, which is a perverse adaptation of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, was an inspiration to EMILIO GARCÍA WEHBI. The founder of El Periférico de Objetos, one of the most important independent theatre groups in Argentina, will present a moral portrait of our times from the perspective of interpersonal relations (romantic, social and political).

Tickets to these and many other events of Malta Festival Poznań 2014 can be purchased at www.malta-festival.pl and in eBilet.pl points of ticket sale (for example in Empik stores).