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08/06 - 28/06/2015

At 5:30 p.m. we held a meeting with the media during which Michał Merczyński, the Director of Malta Festival Poznań, apologised to the audience for the disappointment and inconvenience caused by the decision to cancel tonight’s Atoms For Peace concert. As we stated in our communication this morning, the decision was caused by technical issues which could have been a potential threat to the concert participants’ safety. The safety of the artists, the audience and the technical personnel is our absolute priority and an area in which we are not ready to take any compromise regardless the costs.

The cancellation of an event which had been planned for months is a difficult decision for any organiser. Until the very last moment, together with the band and their management, we did everything we could to make the concert happen. We understand how disappointed the audience is. We are also very sad and disappointed. We apologise to everyone, but we could not have made a different decision. The tragedy which happened last year during Radiohead’s concert in Toronto is the best proof of how one cannot ignore even the slightest doubt regarding safety.

The briefness of our communications so far is by no means intended to convey our disregard for the audience or an intention to conceal anything. It does, nonetheless, express our resistance towards the common practice of passing hasty accusations, shifting responsibility and delivering unverified, misleading, irresponsible and irreversibly damaging statements. Independent experts are currently conducting inquiries and appraisals to thoroughly and unmistakably clarify any reservations and doubts.

We hope that the concert of OWINY SIGOMA BAND and CAT POWER’S DJ sets, which will be moved to the Malta Music Stage at Wolności Square, will provide you with a huge dose of positive energy and will be the perfect ending of the four-week-long art festival featuring 300 events and 600 artists from all over the world.