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08/06 - 28/06/2015


The electronic music of men-robots and excellent visualisations won over the audience. (...) Probably no one left Gazownia dissatisfied. It was a huge artistic event.

Men-machines enchanted Poznań. Tomasz Janas (Gazeta Wyborcza), 30.06.2012

Mastered to perfection, the audiovisual show of the German geniuses of electronic music begun with “The Robots” and continued for the next two hours. During the two hours, the audience lost touch with the real world and moved to virtual, augmented reality.

Kraftwerk in Poznań: Perfect essence of German robots’ output, Kamil Babacz (Głos Wielkopolski), 29.06.2013

(...) today the famous German laboratory of sounds and images is watched with equal pleasure as “Space Odyssey” or “Blade Runner”.

Kraftwerk, Michał Weicher (Screenagers)

I have been waiting for Kraftwerk’s next concert. I knew I would go to another city, but I never expected that Kraftwerk would come to me!

Ojciec Fernando (Facebook)

Great audience, I haven’t heard such applause for a long time. Brilliant concert!

Łukasz Urynowicz (Facebook)