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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski

Starting from the 9th of June we would like to invite you to take action by spending time with each other and by asking questions about the world around us. And by this we mean participating in art projects and public debates as well as simply having fun. The green village of art in the Liberty Square is a place where more than one world will meet during the Malta Festival Poznań. Come and see which one of those would you like to spend some time in!

1. An alternative day-to-day life
The first week will start with ordinary but far from trivial activities: the reconstruction of an alternative house in the Liberty Square, making paper planes fly from the Arkadia terrace, gathering ideas on how to make everyday life more comfortable, roaming around the undiscovered parts of town, spying on plants and flavors, weaving a round table fit for the urban space as well as growing edible fungi in a bedroom closet and screaming at the top of your lungs from the highest floor in Okrąglak.

2. Kids can do it! – Wolno dzieciom
Through artistic activities to citizenship. As a part of a weekly project ‘Kids can do it’ we are going to give our youngsters the right to vote, to be present, to act. During the workshops in the Liberty Square and in several other districts of Poznań the children are going to rename streets, create monuments, design playgrounds, give lectures and write a new constitution. In other words, all those things that we usually deprive them of because we seem to think they are only fit for adults.

3. World encounters - Latin America in Poznań
How about a walk through Latin America in the Liberty Square? A large-scale map stylized as a board game should be the first step. Food from that part of the world the second and Latin dance lessons along with tango nuevo concerts the third. Step number four is getting to know the life style by waking the night - a sleepover in the Freedom Square, a magical night of games and a nocturnal run through the city. And finally step number five – the idiom performances of Lorena Wolffer and Katia Tirado and great concerts.

4. Performances and meetings
On the outdoor stage of the square we will host several theatrical and dance performances including ‘Lepiej tam nie idź’ [You shouldn’t go there] by Michał Borczuch, ‘Noce i dnie’ [Nights and days]” by Mikołaj Mikołajczyk from the Wielkopolska: Rewolucja [Great Poland: Revolution] or “TransKlancyk, czyli Teatr Improwizowany na Malcie” [ TransKlancyk or improvised theater in Malta]. The festival will start with a debate inspired by the 25th anniversary of the new Polish democracy. We will also discuss the topics which inspire the projects set up by ‘Generator Malta’ and the “Wysokie Obcasy[High Heels]” club will hold several meetings about child democracy and the world of women.

5. Concerts and film shows
From dusk till dawn music will take control over the Liberty Square – it is here that we are going to feel the rhythm of the city. A dozen free concerts by groups from Poland and other places, including Latin America will be held. And don’t forget – the Silent Disco, which is bound to be a lot of fun. The films shown in ‘Generator Malta’ are going to include, among others, masterpieces of the Polish cinema as part of the program ‘Kino Wolności’[Liberty Cinema] and documentary films from Watch Dogs. 

6. Kitchen at liberty
Art, intellectual puzzles and other activities in the Liberty Square will surely make you use up a lot of energy and give you an appetite. That is why, together with the restaurant Concordia Taste, we would like to invite you to ‘Kitchen at liberty’ - a polish-latin menu. On Tuesdays do not miss the so called ‘Long Table’, where you will be able to listen to the chefs and their stories. And every Sunday you can enjoy a breakfast prepared by amateur chefs. The culinary events include also workshops by Fundacja Kuroniowa[The Kuroń Foundation] and Vegan Hooligan Crew as well as setting a new record for the longest urban table in Poznań!

7. Activity at liberty
Diverse forms of activity are metaphors of existence in the public space: it is possible to play as a team or overcome the obstacles by yourself. Movement will reign in the Liberty Square. You will have the opportunity to try zumba, yoga, tai-chi, capoeira, pétanque, badminton, hacky sack, bridge, laughter yoga and energy-generating bicycles.

8. Gardens to cognition
The gardens which we have set up in several districts of the city together with the residents are supposed to be urban routers. It is here where both seniors and youngsters, both the public space and the private come together. The gardens are an extension of the Liberty Square, and the square is a place where all the experiences from those gardens can finally meet. Together we will participate in concerts, theatrical plays and film shows. Our experiences with the social gardens will be shared on the first international convention of social gardeners. The square will be transformed for two days into a laboratory of ideas, which will result in accurate solutions for specific people.

All the events organized by Generator Malta are free. However some of the workshops require an online registration at: zapisy@malta-festival.pl