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08/06 - 28/06/2015

In 2014 the fifth edition of thematic idioms of Malta Festival Poznań will direct our attention to far west and south - towards Latin America. The area is surprisingly barely present in Polish cultural life and political discourse. It currently is a lively and very significant centre of the contemporary world - which so far in the geographical and political power play favoured the Euro-Atlantic region. Despite bloody colonisation, Latin America managed to maintain its identity and cultural differences which draw an increasing number of strangers with variety and authenticity. They are disappointed with its anachronisms, political powerlessness and economic stagnation, and are searching for a better life there.

The curator of the Idiom is one of the most original and brave artists in contemporary theatre, Rodrigo García, who joins Latin America with Europe owing to his life and artistic experience. In his works, García submits capitalism, exploitation and global regulations to harsh diagnosis in a particularly personal and engaged manner. He sees the world as a place where greediness dominates, as an excuse for violence and injustice. It sanctions the metaphysical void we agree to live in.

The choice of the curator is not accidental, then. In Idiom: Latin America we will present selected phenomena of theatre, dance and music. We would thus ask questions about the future roles of the region in the global map: in politics, economy and culture. Via the phenomena we would also like to learn about joint experiences of contemporary citizen of Europe and Latin America: the meaning of history in collective and personal consciousness, the changing definition of freedom, and protest strategies against exploitation, alienation and unification.