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08/06 - 28/06/2015

In support of the nationwide protest against preventive censorship, we encourage theatres, institutions and places of culture in Poland to organise screenings of a recording of the performance and readings of Golgota Picnic by Rodrigo García on Thursday and Friday (27 and 28.06). Malta Festival will make the recording and the text of the play available for purposes of organising screenings or readings after sending an e-mail to press@malta-festival.pl and filling in the assignment of rights statement. There are already 30 places of culture from all over Poland taking part in the protest from cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Poznan and Bydgoszcz. We will inform you about the locations and times of all the presentations in a separate communication.

We are still experiencing strong emotions – sadness and anger – in connection with the cancellation of the performance. We would like to stress once again that the only reason behind the decision was our fear for the health and safety of the audience, actors, bystanders, CK Zamek employees, as well as our own – everyone who could suffer as a result of irresponsible and dangerous protests organised by radical catholic circles.
Together with the Polish artistic community we wish to protest against preventive censorship imposed by threats to life and health and to organise screenings and readings of Golgota Picnic by Rodrigo García for as many audiences as possible.

After having seen the play, the members of the audience are encouraged to send their opinions and reviews to office@malta-festival.pl.

Golgota Picnic is recommended for +18 audiences. The screenings and readings will be one-time and free-of-charge.