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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Pamela Corvalan
Galleryphoto Pamela Corvalan
  • Actitud María Marta is a female hip hop group created in 1995, in Buenos Aires. The band’s original sound is an energetic fusion of hip hop, reggae and Latin American music, boosted with tango and dancehall samples. Oscillating between sweet girlish melodies and powerful beats, Actitud María Marta’s songs are provocative and moving. From the group’s early days, their lyrics have been socially involved. They sing about the victims of the military dictatorship in Argentina, about the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo and their “disappeared” children, and about people who are excluded from the post-capitalist reality. Actitud María Marta has performed at festivals worldwide.

  • Actitud María Marta is an Argentinian hip hop group inspired in the great Latin American music culture. They combine music with a particular view about society and reality. The group is composed by Malena D’Alessio and Karen Pastrana -rhymers and composers who sing MC- two backing vocalists and a DJ.

    Regarding the musical field, they play a mix of hip hop, Latin reggae, tango, Argentinian folk music and dancehall. It is amazing how they naturally merge the strength of hip hop, the “flow” of dancehall, the melodies of “rhythm and blues” and the spirit of reggae. Their music expresses the South American identity and their powerful attitude makes a big impact. From the beginning, the group has a strong commitment with social issues. They have participated in many festivals that promote Human Rights and Social Claims such as unemployed workers, Madres y Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, shanty towns, etc. using music as a tool of transformation and solidarity. Actitud María Marta make people enjoy and dance with their lovely music but also reflect about the South American reality.

    They have played in many important international events such as World Social Forum in Brazil, World Youth Festival in Venezuela, Cumbre de los Pueblos in Argentina and Peru and a lot of social events where they play for charity.

    During 2013, they had a successful tour in which they visited Brazil, Guatemala and El Salvador and at the end of the year, they shared the popular event Peña Transhumante with Raly Barrionuevo. They have recently played in Brazil, in the well known festival Virada Cultural in Sao Paulo.