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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Ashley A. Friend
Galleryphoto Ashley A. Friend
  • The project La Revolución [Revolution] is a series of 3video-recorded actions (Unit/y, Power, Movement) and a performance called Urgent Action #3. The idea is to propose a revolution from a critical eye, from the acceptance of ourselves and our circumstances, without pretensions or glorification. The 3 actions and the performance are kind of “steps” to find a “real” Revolution. The artist appears on stage in a grey school uniform worn by her generation for twelve years in school. A Peruvian march is heard in the background. This music accompanied processions that commemorated the National Day, which all the students had to attend. The history of lasting oppression is ingrained in the body and this is where the revolution has to begin.

  • AMAPOLA PRADA (born 1978) lives and works in Lima, Peru. Her works focus on the body, both in the physical and symbolic sense. The body is where all the hidden emotions and unconscious impulses are affecting interpersonal relationships and social reality. The artist has shown her works in many countries and contexts, for instance at Performa 11 in New York, at the San Francisco Art Institute and at II Bienal Internacional de Performance in Santiago de Chile.