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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Marcin Oliva Soto
Galleryphoto Marcin Oliva Soto
  • from the Worlds Colliding series

    Homelessness is coming to be the destiny of the world.
    Martin Heidegger

    A huge Colombian concern is organising the campaign called Homelessness. You Will Be Taken Care Of in Poznań. The campaign aims to test the prototype of a new product, which the concern intends to introduce in the European market. The product is a residential cocoon, adapted to the pace and conditions of modern life. It is foreseen that in the future, the cocoons will replace traditional residential forms.

    Estimates show that every tenth person in Colombia does not have a roof over their head. Some of the homeless retreat to the nylon cocoons on roadsides where they find respite and safety. Representatives of the concern quote social studies which confirm that in the face of growing accommodation problems, the cocoons may be the perfect solution for the needs of European consumers. Furthermore, Poland has been chosen as one of the countries where the product will be tested in order to adapt it to European specifics.

    The project, in the form of a performance installation, aims to explore the issue of contemporary homelessness which is usually believed to affect only the most underprivileged people. Is it really such a negligible threat to most of us? Is it not true that the growing pace of life and the unstable housing and employment market wind up the spiral of homelessness? Will the concern find buyers in Poland for this modern packaging of homelessness?

  • concept: Agata Baumgart, Jan Burzyński, Małgorzata Wdowik
    realisation: Jan Burzyński, Małgorzata Wdowik
    cocoon design: Błażej Kraus