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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Beyond the Road is a road movie which takes place in Uruguay. Disenchanted Santiago and Juliette meet and try to escape their current lives. The twenty-somethings become friends, survive a crisis together and start again to look for meaning, confronting what they encounter during their journey. This subtle film delights with its visual side – the spectacular landscapes of Uruguay (which becomes the third hero) convey the anxiety of youth and the beauty of nature while becoming a background in the search for inner order.

    The film Beyond the Road was chosen by Pictorial Candi.

  • CHARLY BROWN is a young Brazilian actor and director, a revelation of recent years. He directed, wrote the screenplays for and produced the films As the world did not take anything (2006), I want to be Jack White (2004) and Beyond the Road. In 2001 he completed the project www.17lifefables.com which is the first fully interactive live action film. His films were presented at many festivals and received numerous awards. The film Beyond the Road is Charly Brown’s feature debut and received an award for direction at the Rio International Film Festival in 2010.