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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Sérgio Caddah
Galleryphoto Sérgio Caddah
  • The title of the show De repente fica tudo preto de gente [Suddenly everywhere is black with people] refers to Elias Canetti’s book Crowds and Power and to the philosophy of Giorgio Agamben. The Italian thinker analyses the notion of the “homo sacer”, which in Roman law described a socially-excluded person who could be killed by anybody. In his show Evelin is concerned with the “bodies of blacks, gays and immigrants; bodies that have nothing to lose or gain in life”. In this immersive, risky show Evelin/Demolition Inc. create a disturbing mass resembling a primeval tribe or an odd, dark organism.

    show intended for audience of 18 +

  • MARCELO EVELIN (born 1962) is a Brazilian dancer and choreographer. In the mid 1990s in Amsterdam he founded the artistic platform Demolition Inc. According to Evelin, disassembly, the space of an implosion and suspension create the territory for artistic action – the meeting of the body and image, the exchange of ideas. “I don’t have any solutions or any Big Truth. I don’t claim the right to emancipate the audience. But I do want to trigger discussion in a subtle way, through a metaphor. In order to do that, I’m not afraid to put my finger in the wound,” says Evelin.