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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Do you sometimes have a feeling that there are hummingbirds flying around in your head? Let’s set them free! To discover the world, first you need to learn your own inner geography. Sometimes you need to be a little crazy, and sometimes you must discover your potential when you are absolutely still. At Wolności Square, children will find a place to express their feelings using words and other sounds. Together, they will dance out their individualities, and then see them in the form of drawings too. We will create a picture of a jungle from our own contours. The children will also learn some interesting things about the Amazon jungle and discover that it really isn’t that far away! Children should wear casual clothes which can get soiled.

    Prowadzenie / Instructors: Wyobraźnia Utrudnia Życie – Ewa Mrozikiewicz, Elżbieta Niewiadomska