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08/06 - 28/06/2015

  • The show is a perverse and ironic version of William Shakespeare’s King Lear, rewritten by Rodrigo García. The point of departure for the discussion on interpersonal relationships (love, social and political) is the act of eating. The meals are prepared upstage during the show. The platform where the actors perform is both a table and a place of confrontation. The show is a peculiar moral portrait of our times. It is, after I’d rather Goya robbed me of sleep than any other arsehole, another project by Emilio García Wehbi based on a text by Rodrigo García, the curator of this year’s Idiom.


  • EMILIO GARCÍA WEHBI (born 1964) combines diverse disciplines and languages of expression. In 1989 he founded El Periférico de Objetos, one of the most important independent theatre groups in Argentina. He has presented his shows, operas, installations and urban interventions all around the world. Wehbi surprises spectators and engages them in order to share experience. His work revolves around such topics as death, crisis, provocation, antagonism, memory, violence, obscenity and fate. His artistic activities create a space where different attitudes and viewpoints can meet.