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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Erika Diettes
Galleryphoto Erika Diettes
  • Sudarios [Shrouds] is an installation consisting of 20 shrouds with images of women printed on them. The large-format pictures of faces shown in a big close-up generate a peculiar presence. Each hides a cruel history. The women in the pictures have witnessed the torture and murder of people they loved. The artist says: “I have often witnessed moments with my camera when people closed their eyes and evoked the feeling of the loneliness they felt in the instant that cut their life in two parts.” Sudarios refers to the relation between an image, death and survival – remembering what has passed but is still present as a mark, as a wound.


  • ERIKA DIETTES (born 1978) is a Colombian visual artist. She is predominantly concerned with photography but is also an author of texts on artistic representations of violence and war. In her works the fragility of the human body meets with contemporary history, art meets with anthropology and loneliness with the need to share it. Her photographs are not only of aesthetic value but primarily show the closeness and mutual trust between the artist and the people she has pictured.