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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto Maciej Zakrzewski
  • We continue with our crazy, afternoon dances, inspired by the 1950s and 60s. During the Five O’clock Latino Dances you can take part in dance lessons given by the experienced dancers from Muchos Patatos! For an hour and a half we will learn various steps, and later we will present our new dancing skills. This year, the Five O’clock Dances will be driven by the rhythms of some of the most energetic Latin American dances, including rumba and salsa. And on lazy Sunday afternoons, during the Five O’clock Concerts, Pierwsza Poznańska Niesymfoniczna Orkiestra Ukulele will not only play for us, but also teach us to play some sounds on the ukulele, whilst La Vita Quartet will invite us to tango.

    9,18,25 June - SALSA
    10,17,24 June- BACHATA i KIZOMBA