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08/06 - 28/06/2015

  • The show is based on the script of the American film Bang Bang You're Dead. It tells the story of Trevor, a teenager who turns from top student into an aggressive firearm enthusiast. His new girl and one of his teachers are the only people who are not afraid of him; the latter encourages him to make a short film. According to students from the Da Vinci Secondary School, the film accurately depicts the problems faced by young people; rejection and lack of understanding from adults and peers.

  • Group Supervisors: Jolanta Kolczak, Małgorzata Rola-Szadkowska
    Students (13-18 years): Paulina Jackowiak, Anna Bednarek, Aleksandra Żurek, Jędrzej Duda, Adrian Montgomery, Łukasz Kasprzyk