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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Joanna Tanaś
Galleryphoto Joanna Tanaś
  • The drama club Teatrynek has worked in Jerzykowo Middle School for five years. The group has already had plenty of opportunities to perform on stage. Their biggest achievements have been the performance on the boards of the Grand Theatre in Poznań (in the Jutropera project) and the staging of a Christmas play at the Carroll Singers Festival in the Aleksander Fredro Theatre in Gniezno. Currently, the drama club consists of nine middle school students: eight girls and one boy, aged from fourteen to fifteen years.

  • Group Supervisors: Joanna Tanaś i Anna Tuszyńska
    Students (14-15 years old) (: Sylwia Alkiewicz, Marika Błażejczyk, Julia Jerzyńska, Sandra Kacperczyk, Roksana Knasiak, Joanna Lisiecka, Mateusz Paluch, Olga Woźny, Aleksandra Wyrwas