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08/06 - 28/06/2015

  • Holly Gramazio (previously of Hide&Seek)

    A collection of new folk games that get you moving and interacting with the world in different ways. Games for two players and games for twenty; games that get you jumping and leaping, and games that just set you looking and chatting. All the games are quick and simple, whether they're reimagined versions of traditional street games or entirely new games.

    (Some games devised with Brian Hartley as part of the Scotch Hoppers project.)

  • Holly Gramazio is a game designer who focuses on public space, looking at particular places and trying to find ways to play in them. She makes events and installations, and creates work at the overlap of game design and other art forms. She's particularly interested in games that get people moving in interesting ways, seeing their surroundings in different contexts, or feeling unusual emotions.