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08/06 - 28/06/2015


9-29 June 2014

Idiom: Latin America: Mestizos

October 12th, 1492: Christopher Columbus discovers America by chance.

Since then, and up until now, Europe keeps sending intrepid travellers with Armani suits and leather briefcases to the re-discovery and colonization of South and Central America. The United States does not give up and also claims its share of the pie.

If nowadays Angela Merkel is the Queen Isabella the Catholic and Barack Obama is the King Don Fernando, our art curators and experts are the specialized gang, subjects of the Monarchs of the Market, sent with the mission to find artistic rarities in the distant continent and make them known in the old continent.

Yes, Europe is still showing off a pitiful patronizing attitude: she really thinks she can discover South American artists the same as you may find exotic fruits, gemstones or extraordinary birds. And nothing could be further from the truth.

There is nothing new or odd about the artistic potential of Latin and Central America, it is a volcanic activity which began a long time back and which does not yet stop when it is necessary to work without subsidies, or when it is necessary to create without the recognition of the market; an activity unfathomable because it is so prolífic, an irrepressible activity because it is art, and as an artistic expression it feeds on a complex kaleidoscope of cultures.

A whole continent is speaking, feeling, creating, imagining, thinking, philosophizing, shouting, trembling, laughing –and that is nothing new.

The purpose of our program Idiom - Latin America: Mestizos is no other than bringing the audience a sample of today’s immeasurable Latin American artistic reality. Inviting the people to a celebration of life, a celebration of thinking and creative activity.

Rodrigo García
Idiom curator