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08/06 - 28/06/2015

  • from the Everyday Alternatives series

    Our homes are full of plants, animals and fungi. Whilst we accept the first two kingdoms of the natural world, we perceive fungi rather as a dangerous intruder and believe that its place, at least that of mushrooms, is in the forest. But you need not fight all the fungi in your home. In fact, you can cultivate them instead. A home mushroom column makes it possible to grow the edible varieties in the shaded areas of your home, where you can enjoy observing the quiet and mysterious life of the last food chain link. During the Generator, our mushrooms will grow for the three weeks of its duration. When they are big enough, they will be cut, fried and served to visitors at Wolności Square.

    10.06, 16:00 – planting
    11-22.06 – display
    22.06, 11:00 – consumption

    Wolności Square
    admission free