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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Bajo Juárez is an industrial city near the border between Mexico and the USA. Its notoriety is related to the hundreds of women who fall victim to the sexual violence there, some of whom have been killed and some who have gone missing. Perpetrators of these crimes have for years remained outside the law. The number of bodies found is constantly growing and corruption is reaching ever-widening circles, up to the highest governmental level. The film’s narrative includes testimonies of victims’ families, journalists, factory workers and officials. In their touching documentary, the filmmakers ask whether it is possible to turn grief and passivity into action and a fight for truth.

    The film Bajo Juarez was chosen by Lorena Wolffer.

  • JOSÉ ANTONIO CORDERO is a director and screenwriter. His films include La cuarta casa, un retrato de Elena Garro (2002) and Música ocular (2012).

    ALEJANDRA SÁNCHEZ is a director and screenwriter, the author of such works as Desdentado desde entonces (2005) and Ni una más (2001). She teaches film studies in Mexico City and made a series of education programmes for Mexican television on women rights and gender issues.