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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • Ghost Capsules came together in 2011 through a series of chance meetings, leading to Tim and Laura
    moving to Vienna to join Georg and Roman to build a studio and record their self-titled debut album,
    released on their own O*Solo Recordings label in April 2013. A summer of successful live
    performances followed, helping them to develop their sound leading to the recording of their
    eagerly-awaited second album, ‘Esfera’. Laura explains… “We think this album has a little bit of an
    “indie” feel… from playing live and working hard and being around each other more. “Esfera”
    (Sphere) is the title because somehow we believe the songs and the sound are “round”… they belong
    together as a whole shape, a circle, from start until completion. Tim liked the title “Blue Hour” in
    particular - taken from the French expression L’Heure Bleue - when I told him… the song is the
    acceptance of something that is coming to an end… leaving something behind and not knowing
    where you are going next, but going there with hope, completing the journey.”


    O*Solo Recordings is the banner under which Tim Simenon releases work from Ghost Capsules and
    Bomb The Bass. Vienna electro quartet Ghost Capsules (Laura Gomez, Roman Lugmayr, Georg
    Lichtenauer and Tim Simenon) kickstarted 2013 with their ‘Inside’ EP in February, followed by a
    thrilling, self-titled first album in April. During that time Bomb The Bass stepped up with new single
    ‘Wandering Star’, followed by album ‘In The Sun', their third as the duo of Simenon and Paul Conboy.
    After a busy release schedule in the summer of 2013, with new EP's from Ghost Capsules and Bomb
    The Bass, including the latter's 25 Year Anniversary 'Mega Dis' EP, the label launches into it's second
    year with the eagerly-anticipated new album from Ghost Capsules - 'Esfera' - See more at: