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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • The situation around the show “Golgota Picnic”, which was to be presented during Malta Festival Poznan 2014, shows in focus the landscape of social and political tensions in Poland. Is the crisis of concern about freedom of speech indicative of the quality of democracy? Can we think about freedom disregarding culture and the involvement of artists in defining it continuously? Why freedom of thought and artistic expression usually attracts the interest of media and public opinion in the atmosphere of scandal?

    You’re welcome to attend a public debate which will pose an opportunity to analyse the social and political dimension of the events around Rodrigo García’s show.

    Moderator: Jacek Żakowski
    - Rodrigo Garcia - director of "Golgota Picnic" and curator of the Idiom Latin America: Mestizos
    - Filip Berkowicz - director of the festivals Sacrum Profanum and Misteria Paschalia
    - Beata Chmiel - Obywatele Kultury
    - Hugo de Greef - European Festivals Association
    - Krzysztof Materna - director, actor
    - Michał Merczyński - director of Malta Festival Poznań
    - Prof. Suely Rolnik - psychoanalyst, philosopher of culture, curator
    - Prof. Krzysztof Podemski - sociologist
    - Prof. Andrzej Wirth - theatre critic, translator
    - Gerardo Naumann - representative of artists performing as part of the Idiom Latin America: Mestizos