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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • In Los muertos Lisandro Alonso leads spectators into the world of Argentino Vargas – a white repeat offender who decided to live in primitive conditions in a tropical forest. The director clashes two extreme realities: the character’s past and present. The film, dubbed by critics a minimalist masterpiece, is characterised by cool beauty, delightful magical imagery and mystery.

    The film Los muertos was chosen by Emilio Garcia Wehbi.


  • LISANDRO ALONSO (born 1975) is one of the most talented and distinctive creators of Argentinian cinema, considered a “film phenomenon” by European critics. In his works he skilfully creates an atmosphere of anxiety and surprise, yet, at the same time, of contemplation. He is a radical minimalist and the preacher of poetic naturalism. The very personal style of his films is characterised by the slow pace of narration and succinct dialogues. Los muertos (2004) is the second part of a trilogy which comprises the director’s full-length debut La libertad (2001) (which is also included in this year’s film programme of Malta) and Fantasma (2006), all of which were screened at the Cannes Festival.