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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Felipe Camacho
Galleryphoto Felipe Camacho
  • The point of departure for the show Discurso de un hombre decente [Discourse of a Decent Man] is the speech found in a shirt pocket of Pablo Escobar, who was murdered on 2 December 1993. The Colombian drug lord wanted to deliver it when he was elected president. 18 years later, this story (classified as top secret by the CIA) is turned into a micro-film and projected in front of real and fictional characters – an international expert on drug trafficking, a hip hop artist, a music band and a journalist. In this delirious piece MAPA TEATRO questions the costly and failed war against drugs in Colombia, and revives the debate on the legalization of drugs around the world. 



  • MAPA TEATRO is a transdisciplinary theatre-laboratory founded in 1984 in Paris by Colombian directors of Swiss descent: Heidi, Elizabeth and Rolf Abderhalden. Since 1986 they have been working in Bogota. They are interested in the translation of contemporary plays, in the transposition of classic texts into current textures but also in the translation of social and politic issues into artistic dispositifs. In recent years they have focused on the production of artistic events between micro-politics and poetics: through construction of ethno-fictions and the temporary creation of 'experimental communities'. MPA TEATRO has spawned artistic experimentation processes at different locations and platforms of the Colombian reality: a laboratory of social imagination.


  • Concept, dramaturgy, direction: Heidi and Rolf Abderhalden
    Logographer: Camilo Uribe
    Performed by Heidi Abderhalden, Agnes Brekke, Jeihhco, Francisco Thoumi and Banda Marco Fidel Suárez, directed by Danilo Jiménez
    Dramaturgy advisers: Marta Ruíz, Matthias Pees
    Music: Juan Pablo Becerra (saxo and clarinete), Rodrigo Gaviria (saxhorn y trombone), Andrés Mauricio Herrera (trumpet), Danilo Jiménez (drums y cymbals), Oscar Jiménez (drums)
    Sound design, music and live processes: Juan E Díaz
    Visual design: Heidi and Rolf Abderhalden
    Set design: Pierre-Henri Magnin
    Light design: Jean Francois Dubois
    Costume: Elizabeth Abderhalden
    Super 8 images: Luis Antonio Delgado, Pilar Perdomo
    Editing: Luis Antonio Delgado
    Video live: Ximena Vargas
    Photography: Kokuse Okahara, Archivo Biblioteca Piloto de Medellín.
    Production: Ximena Vargas, José Ignacio Rincón