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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • from the Children Are Free to... series

    In May, children from the neighbourhoods of Stare Miasto, the Wilda and Łazarz Gardens, and szm21/pracownia, will take part in photographic workshops. They will carefully study the nooks and crannies of their neighbourhoods to create their own postcards. They will be instructed by members of Poznańskie Pocztówki [Postcards from Poznań], an initiative established in 2011 to show Poznań from an unusual perspective. They are especially keen on noisy refurbishing projects in the city centre, their favourite murals on old buildings and the interiors of private homes, i.e. places individually considered by the members as their “own space”. The postcards created during the workshops will be sent around the world.

    instructors: Dobrosława Nowak, Witold Modrzejewski