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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Ania Met / Candelaria Saenz Valiente
Galleryphoto Ania Met / Candelaria Saenz Valiente
  • La sensación de ser Mr. Luxus Reinstaldt is her first installation. Here she will dwell in some of her favourite topics: the Art of being Perfectly Agreeable, the fractal aspect in one's personality, the infinite and perverse Chain of Duality, one's Essence, the Cosmos. Other topics that fascinate her are: Middle aged people on vacation, the Art of Vacationing, Nothingness and Extreme Sensibility. The project was triggered by a meeting between Pictorial Candi, Marcin Masecki and Rodrigo García. It was created with the Idiom Latin America: Mestizos in mind.

    The project is a Malta Festival Poznań 2014 production.

  • CANDELARIA SAENZ VALIENTE (born 1977) is a writer, musician and filmmaker by education, is mostly known for her band Pictorial Candi, and as the lead vocalist and songwriter in Paristetris. She is the published author of a novel, a book of short fiction, and is the inventor of various devices, among them, the Ebertonium Candidus, an analog electric synthesizer fed by light bulbs, manufactured by Tomasz Ebert.

    Producer KAROLINA PAJĄK 
    Set design ANNA MET

    Music Man in space with sounds ATTILIO MINEO 
    Performance - LUXUS REINSTALDT