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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowska / teatralna.com
Galleryphoto Katarzyna Chmura-Cegiełkowska / teatralna.com
  • Tato nie wraca [Dad Is Not Back] is a monodrama based on the personal experience of actress Agnieszka Przepiórska. Her character is a mother, wife and a professionally successful woman. One day, during a routine meeting with customers at a bank, Agnieszka discovers that one of the customers is her father, who disappeared from her life when she was three years old. The meeting activates an avalanche of memories and emotions, which she had suppressed over the years. Both the actress and her character speak of absent fathers scathingly, mockingly and sarcastically, but also with love. Through her emotional monologues, we travel with Agnieszka to a world of lost childhood. Is a meeting after so many years at all possible?

  • PIOTR RATAJCZAK (born 1975) is a graduate of the Faculty of Theatre Directing at the Ludwik Solski Academy for the Dramatic Arts, Krakow. Between 2004 and 2009, he worked at Teatr Współczesny w Szczecinie as a literary secretary, and later, as a programme consultant. Whilst there, he created the cycles Inwazja barbarzyńców [Invasion of the Barbarians], Nowa generacja [New Generation] and Nowy wspaniały świat [The Brave New World], which proved important to the Polish theatre scene by presenting new dramaturgy and young directors from Poland and abroad. Since 2013, Piotr Ratajczak has been the director of Teatr Dramatyczny w Wałbrzychu.