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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • The work aims at analysing dreams as a phenomenon and as a metaphor: the dream as rest, as a different reality, as an illusion, as memory, as our second world which consumes a lot of time in our everyday earthly life. We realise what the effects of time are, but subjective memory seems particularly valuable in these circumstances. The series of installations will by dynamised by actions verging on reality and dream with the participation of performers, inhabitants and bystanders. With the magical world of Alice in Wonderland we want to show how symbolic and conventional the boundary between the real and unreal world is.

    project participants: Olga Kebas, Andrey Merkhel, Małgorzata Zelek, Konrad Juściński, Anastasiya Skorikova, Pi Pa (Piwosz Patrycja)