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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Martin Rosie
Galleryphoto Martin Rosie
  • There are no facts.
    There is no truth. Especially here.
    This all is someone's senseless invention.

    Referring to the milestone of soviet cinema, „Stalker“ by Andrei Tarkovski, the theatre/music-project „Record of a Journey“ leads the the audience into the „room of desires“: It is in here that the innermost wishes come true: Only through the audience the stage gains sense, is filled with what the they see, hear, feel. Because by itself, this space is not defined. It is without features, a space of continuous change. It is a non-space thus, in an essential sense, an u-topia!

    Set between lecture-performance, monologue and sound-art, „Record of a Journey“ leads the audience through spaces of imagination. At its core, the project tries to ask for the type of places we are dreaming of, or rather, for the kind of spaces we need to dream.

  • Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta is an old residential building at 11 Gwarna Street in Poznań. It is currently used by artists connected to Teatr Usta Usta Republika. For many years, they have been specialising in “utterly nontheatrical venues”, which they have enlivened and artistically rediscovered. Usta Usta Republica stages shows, concerts and performance art. They also organise discussions and workshops. They share their venue with several other theatre companies: Circus Ferus, Porywacze Ciał and Radykalna Frakcja Medialna Mazut. This is also where the German director Jan-Tage Kühling makes some of his projects. The artist studied cultural studies, theatre studies and theatre directing in Frankfurt am Maine and in Giessen. He creates theatre projects in both Germany and Poland. 

    The art-group KUZKA is founded by the polish-german duo Kühling/Zielińska. They cooperate with different artists within the fields of theatre, performance and music. Together they realized different projects in Germany, Poland and Armenia. More information under: www.kuzka.org.

  • Direction: Jan-Tage Kühling
    Dramaturgy: Lukas Jiricka
    Performed by: Marcin Pławski, Jacek Mazurkiewicz, Paulina Miu Zielińska