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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • OUN is an original monodrama verging on performance art by Katarzyna Pawłowska. It premiered during Malta Festival 2007. The actress states that it was not her intention to create a show about Ukrainian nationalist or military groups in the form of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). In Polish, the acronym OUN also refers the peripheral nervous system [obwodowy układ nerwowy]: the system that, in human beings, is responsible for contacts with the outer world. The audience listens to a catalogue of bizarre events and mythologised childhood images, which haunt the protagonist, or to stories about her girlfriends. Her constant babbling stifles the emptiness she feels.

  • TEATR PORYWACZE CIAŁ [the Body Snatchers Theatre], established in 1992 by Katarzyna Pawłowska and Maciej Adamczyk, is one of the most prominent independent theatre groups in Poland. In their original shows, the artists challenge pop culture myths, which they ridicule and mock, but also demonstrate how strongly these myths affect them. At present, the company works in an old residential building at 11 Gwarna Street, under the Republika Sztuki Tłusta Langusta project. It shares this venue with three other theatre companies: Republika Usta Usta, Circus Ferus and Radykalna Frakcja Medialna Mazut.