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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo Patrick Berger
Galleryphoto Patrick Berger
  • No-one will tell us... is an encounter between dance artist Rosalind Crisp, rock musician Hansueli Tischhauser, performer Andrew Morrish and lighting designer Marco Wehrspann. They are long-term collaborators, fully engaged in their individual artistic practices. What happens when these practices collide? How can they coexist? No-one will tell us... is a call to live by our wits, wide awake… not waiting for the end.

  • Rosalind Crisp trained at the Victorian Ballet School, Melbourne, and in contact improvisation, release work and Body-Mind Centering at the European Dance Development Centre, the Netherlands. Since 2004, she has been based in Paris, where she has been an associate choreographer to Carolyn Carlson at Atelier de Paris. Supported by the French government, her works have been presented in France, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom and Australia. Rosalind Crisp also creates works for other companies, for instance Two Fish Berlin, Laban Centre London, the University of Melbourne, and HZT Berlin. 

  • dance: Rosalind Crisp (Aust/France)
    performance: Andrew Morrish (Aust/France)
    electric guitars: Hansueli Tischhauser (Switzerland)
    lighting: Marco Wehrspann (Germany)
    production: Rosalind Crisp/Omeo Dance (Aust/Fr)