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08/06 - 28/06/2015

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  • In the modern world it is hard to find heroic gestures and strong personalities: people who display western-like toughness, nobleness and reserve. While there is a shortage of heroes, stories about them are still in demand. Antywestern (Antiwestern) is a bitter and twisted tale whose central character is a woman cast in a typically male role. She will go to any lengths and is ruthless in handling reality. Laura Leish has transferred one of the most characteristic cinematic genres into the language of theatre. Swashbuckling has been enclosed within the structure of a subtle play. After all, aren’t we all living in a very Wild West?

  • EWA KACZMAREK is an actress and scriptwriter. She began her stage career in outdoor theatre projects and, for several years, worked with Teatr Biuro Podróży. For over a decade, she has been creating, with Wojciech Wiński, the productions of Teatr Usta Usta Republika, where she explores nontheatrical space and different theatrical dimensions. She has written scripts for a large number of plays, including Ambasada, 777, Glosolalia, Radioaktywni, Stream, Ukryte, Uczta and Procesy.

  • Script, direction: Ewa Kaczmarek
    Performed by: Laura Leish, Wojciech Wiński, Piotr Zawadzki
    Costumes: Idalia Mantas
    Music: Adam Brzozowski
    Video: Maciej Domagalski
    Graphic motif: Anna Olszewska
    Production: Centrum Rezydencji Teatralnej SCENA ROBOCZA

    Première: 25.06.2014