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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo A. Ziajski
Galleryphoto A. Ziajski
  • Autobus: re//mix (The Bus: Re//Mix) is the most controversial production in the twenty-year oeuvre of Teatr Strefa Ciszy. The show is part of the Re//mix cycle started by Komuna//Warszawa in 2010. It is a new rendition of the legendary performance Autobus (The Bus) by Akademia Ruchu, a company which is one of the cornerstones of Polish alternative theatre, established in 1973. By relating to someone else’s work, the artists from Teatr Strefa Ciszy have created a point of reference for a reflection on their own work and for establishing their theatrical identity more precisely. Autobus: re//mix is an extreme experience that cannot be specifically labelled: neither as a show nor as performance art.  

  • TEATR STREFA CISZY (the Zone of Silence Theatre) was founded by Adam Ziajski in 1993 in Poznań. Since then, it has been a major representative of the Poznań alternative scene. The Strefa Ciszy projects are largely based on actor-audience interaction in urban space. Experimenting with different conventions and acting venues has resulted in shows like Kuranty (Chimes), staged on the façade of Poznań’s City Hall; Kwatera (Lodgings) a quiet show in a private home; and DNA, performed at a public swimming pool. 

  • Script: praca zespołowa / team effort
    Direction: Adam Ziajski
    Set design: Adam Wojda
    Performed by: Alicja Piotrowska, Piotr Kamiński and Adam Wojda
    Production: Komuna//Warszawa

    Première: 09.12.2012