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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo  Łukasz Wołkowicz
Galleryphoto Łukasz Wołkowicz
  • The origins of this alternative way of listening to dance music dates to 1969 when the idea first emerged in the Finnish science fiction movie Ruusujen Aika. The concept of outdoor parties without a traditional speaker system relying, instead, on the use of wireless headphones to deliver music to the participants, was then propagated by environmentalists in the early 1990s to minimize noise pollution and disturbance not only to people, but also to local wildlife.

    Disco on headphones is a form of entertainment - the collective, and at the same time allowing for individual, intimate music experience. For several years, the Maltese spend their evenings dancing in the festival, only an apparent silence.

    Note: number of handsets is limited!