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08/06 - 28/06/2015

photo telegraph.co.uk
Galleryphoto telegraph.co.uk
  • Erika Diettes and Katia Tirado, artists who are presenting their works in the Latin America: Mestizos Idiom, and Anna Gawrysiak-Knez, a teacher, guide, chairwoman of Stowarzyszenie WILdzianie (an association of residents of the Wilda District in Poznań) and cofounder of the first Community-Supported Farming cooperative in Poznań, will share their experiences as women who work with people. Three different worlds, fields of work and cultures, and one gender. They will talk about their struggles, ideals, concepts and power. How do they see the world in several years’ time? What is the biggest challenge now? And what is their greatest inspiration to continue their work?

    guests: Erika Diettes, Katia Tirado, Wanda Wasilewska
    held by: Lucyna Marzec