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08/06 - 28/06/2015

  • Madera [Wood] is a performance/installation. A point of reference for the artist’s activity on stage is a multilayered pile of wooden planks collected in the streets of Mexico City. The choreography relates to the dynamics of disassembling and assembling, the cycle of destroying and creating anew. The provisional wooden structure is a form of architecture typical for people living in uncertainty, from day to day, with no prospects for the future. As she uncovers the subsequent layers of the wooden structure, Tania Solomonoff refers to notions like home, exile and nomadism – to a way of life that many residents of contemporary Mexico are forced to experience.

  • TANIA SOLOMONOFF (born 1974) is an Argentinian performer, dancer and choreographer. She currently lives and works in Mexico. She majored in psychology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and for ten years worked as a movement therapist using techniques developed by the Río Abierto System. In her choreographic work she is interested in individual and collective memory. She draws on different traditions of working with the body, including both dance, improvisation and yoga. She also employs these in her workshops, which she conducts in artistic companies, schools and cultural institutions.

  • Concept, direction: Tania Solomonoff
    Performed by Tania Solomonoff
    Light design: Mauricio Ascencio / Juliana Faesler
    Audio: Taniel Morales
    Wardrobe: Genoveva Alvarez y Manuel Rivas
    Scenography: Tania Solomonoff y Juliana Faesler
    Technical assistance and wood manipulation: Rene Valero / Vladimir Bojórquez
    Graphic design: Analía Solomonoff